Bioshock Infinite PR #2

          In the last blog, we had sort of an introduction to Irrational Games and their ambitious lengthy project “Bioshock Infinite.”  In this week’s segment we will cover two crucial events that took place in the pre-release of the game.

            After the first trailer was released for the game, their came a growing outcry from the community that highlighted the focus of the female, Elizabeth, and the amount of attention that was given to the size of her breasts. Creative Director Ken Levine leaves this comment to respond to the community, “In terms of her body type, I think certainly people on the Internet have spent way more time thinking about Elizabeth’s chest than I have. It’s something I’ve barely thought about. “We sort of evolved her over time, and that’s the challenge when you show stuff early on – you’re still in the creative process and you’re still evolving the creative process. I’m sure Elizabeth may evolve a little bit more over time because until it’s out, I haven’t made the definitive statement on it… so I certainly don’t spend as much time thinking about this issue as the Internet does, and I’m not sure what that says about the Internet but, you know.”

            As time has moved on, it is very apparent that Elizabeth’s character design has changed very much such its original appearance in the trailer, and some speculate that this is largely to do with the communities’ outcry (which Levine denies).

            While this isn’t directly related to company driven PR, I feel it is worth mentioning that Ken Levine was nominated on Time’s “100 most influential people of 2012.”

            On May 9, 2012, Ken Levine announced that Bioshock Infinite (which was a game that was already announced extremely early in its production) would be delayed from October 16, 2012 to February 26, 2013. Levine then announced that they were basically not planning on releasing any additional information on the game until right before its release.

            This decision was met with some very mixed emotions from the fans of the series. While there were some fans who understood that a hard decision had to be made, many were upset and cited that the company did the exact same thing with the first Bioshock. Levine swiftly attempted to deal with the warmongering by stating that the reason Bioshock was great in the first place was because they took that extra time to take care of it and polish it up.

            Regardless of the criticism, Bioshock Infinite has endured and has already received its first review of a 9.5 on PC from Keep tuned in text week as we talk about the woes of Irrational as they lose developers and delay the game even further.