Kickstarter: It’s a Pretty Big Deal

We have all heard of Kickstarter…right? It’s the website that allows developers of almost any type of product to showcase their dream to the public in an attempt to receive funding in order to complete the project.

This website works by requiring the developer to set a length (usually 30 days) of time in which the project can receive funding, and then has a countdown to that date, and gives users the ability to create a page with which all sorts of media can be shown to promote the product.

I think it should be noted that Kickstarter gained popularity primarily through successful video projects such as Minecraft.

On March 26, Dynamo PR created a new division of the the company dedicated to helping Kickstarter projects find success in their pitches. This decision came after the company’s work with the 3Doodler, a pen that allows 3D drawing in nearly any environment.

To help understand their rationale, account manager Heather Delaney explained: ‘The internet has changed the game for fundraising. Now entrepreneurs and creative people like MiiPC can use crowd funding to test the market for their idea and help make it a reality. 

‘But these people need dedicated Kickstarter PR to guide them every step of the way and social media support to truly gain momentum. I’m excited to be heading up a team focused on Kickstarter PR, looking at this awesome new area of making these innovative ideas and inventions become a reality.’

With recent projects like the Veronica Mars movie, there can be no doubt that Kickstarter has solidified its place as a valid method of conducting business.

It will be interesting to find where Kickstarter will go in the future, and it is great to see all of the new inventions that would have otherwise been impossible to produce get developed for consumers. 


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