Bioshock Infinite PR #3

Finally…the last blog over Bioshock Infinite PR. After controversy over the chest size of the main female protagonist, the announcement of delaying the game and even claims that the game is fundamentally un-American. Join me as we seal the deal on Bioshock Infinite and its release just a few days ago.

            After the advent of a delay, the developers at Irrational Studios were undoubtedly feeling the pressure to release a quality game on time. Unfortunately for Irrational, there would be no rest for them. On August 8, 2012, two developers working on Bioshock Infinite team left and were promptly replaced by veterans of the series who had worked on the original Bioshock.

            Creative Director Ken Levine commented on the matter via his twitter, stating “Scott Sinclair, art director of Bio1, back in the art director’s chair for Infinite to bring it home. Can’t wait to show you what’s cooking.”

            The day following the announcement, another announcement was made that a developer from Epic Games, the developer behind Gears of War, was moving the join the Irrational crew. In addition to the news, it was announced that two modes that offered multiplayer were cut from the game. This news was received almost as a blessing to the fans of the games because the multiplayer from the last Bioshock game was not well received.

            After a couple of months of standard activity within the office, more bad news was discovered within Irrational. On October 15, 2012, two more developers were cited as having left Irrational. This additional set of high-profile departures gave even more cause for fans of the series to grow hesitant of the release of the game. Unfortunately, when Irrational was reached out to shed some light on the event, they only responded with “no comment,” which we all know is just about the worst thing you can say in any situation.

            Unfortunately, it is time to close up the blog. While this may seem like a bit of an awkward ending…that’s because it is. With that being said, let it be noted that this will actually not be the last blog about Bioshock Infinite! I have realized that there is quite a bit more to go over, and hopefully we can cover all the material left over in just one more segment. Join me next week as we go over the new face for Bioshock Infinite, and what it feels like delaying a game a second time!


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