The Rise of the Nerds

My fellow gamers, today we celebrate a victory for popular nerd culture. TSM Snapdragon (formerly TSM) has signed a deal with Qualcomm and CBS to star in a show called “GameCrib,” a reality series that will take viewers on a journey of the daily lives of pro-gamers. The first season will specifically follow TSM as they enter into the freshly started season 3 of League of Legends.  

Let’s start this off by getting some necessary terminology and facts out of the way for people new to this scene. 

  • Yes, professional gaming is real, and in the case of TSM, all players make at least 6 figures a year. 
  • TSM Snapdragon is one of the most popular professional League of Legends (LoL) teams in the United States right now
  • League of Legends is a Massively Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in which two teams of five players each duke it out and fight to destroy the enemies base.
  • Snapdragon is the name of Qualcomm’s processor for mobile phones and tablets, hence the re-branding of the TSM name.  
  • Koreans (although relatively new to the LoL scene) have attained almost complete dominance over the competition in the past year. 
  • Did I mention the season 2 finals had more viewers than the World Series?  

Now, let’s get in to the significance of the matter. 

With the exception of StarCraft in Korea, eSports has not been made regularly available on television in the history of gaming. While tournaments have all been available exclusively online, this new deal that TSM has signed could allow for regular exposure to the flourishing world of eSports in the future. While the show will initially be streamed online, there is hope that a rise in interest could lead to a television debut.

It is interesting to note that every bit of PR done by this team is handled by the team leader Andy “Reginald” Dinh. In the rising scene of eSports, it is not uncommon to see teams managing themselves with the leaders of each team taking on the role of business to business and business to consumer relations.

This trend in self-management has led to a lot of woes on the TSM team, with snarky comments and strategies sometimes getting leaked to the public with devastating results. It will be interesting to see how consumer relations will be handled at future live events with TSM having their lives exposed for viewers to see and understand. 

My fellow nerds, it looks like our time has come, and it is up to us to project our culture into the spotlight of America.


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