I love you Ray

Ray Lewis…I love you.

Ray Lewis makes me want the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. After a heated discussion with some friends over the expected winner of Sunday’s game, I was asked why I so adamantly wanted the Ravens to win. My reply was simple “I love Ray Lewis.”


And then my world was shaken to its very foundations.

“Yeah, lets cheer for the guy who was charged with murder a few years back.”

Excuse me? Ray Lewis might be a murdered? Surely you are mistaken.

As it turns out, Ray Lewis was charged with murder in 2000 after a fight broke out at a bar and two men ended up dead. Interestingly enough, Lewis ended up dodging a bullet when he testified against his two friends and avoided jail time.   

Flash forward to now and look at what Ray Lewis has become. Surely his PR agent isn’t getting payed enough. Hilarious advertisements and and an image of strong christian faith have catapulted Lewis to stardom among casual football watchers such as myself. 

It is also interesting to note the shift in advertising in the past few years from serious ads to advertisements more focused on comedy and consumer interaction. Would Ray Lewis have  had such powerful image repair without this tool to make him more likable? I don’t really think so. 

A case like Ray Lewis just really goes to show that with the right kind of PR, anyone can be recover from a hit to their public image. 


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